A winter of discontent

Arabia Monitor Monthly
A winter of discontent
  • Protests in Iraq are well into their second month. They have started to target key economic and oil infrastructure, threatening overall economic activity, oil exports and food imports.
  • The likelihood of Lebanon restructuring its debt over the next two quarters remains low, given that about 50% of public debt is in the hands of Banque du Liban and domestic commercial banks. This accumulation does, however, significantly raise the risk profile of the sector.
  • The 1.5% Aramco IPO will raise USD 25.92B at a price of USD 8.64 per share. Most of the proceeds that will go into the Public Investment Fund will probably be invested back in local banks and domestic projects
  • Bahrain’s Al Salam Bank is the latest in the GCC to set up a joint venture capital fund with a Chinese partner, in this case, MSA Capital.

Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist

Robin Mills, Roa Ibrahim, Energy Analysts

Charlene Rahall, Mingqiao Zhao, Leila Lajevardi, Analysts 

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