Sino-MENA: Some winners from the pandemic

Regional Views
Sino-MENA: Some winners from the pandemic
  • E-commerce and live-streaming are two winning sectors during the pandemic boosted by populations being put under lockdown, or self-isolating.
  • The MENA region has seen a boom in the e-commerce sector -- especially in the UAE -- over the last few years, and Chinese enterprises have been playing an important role in furthering growth of the industry. 
  • The pandemic is making live-streaming more popular, and businesses in MENA are capitalising on this trend to offset losses caused by decreased offline activities.

Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist

Charlene Rahall, Senior Analyst

Leila Lajevardi & Nancy Bou Dakka, Analysts


The Regional Views series are thematic papers aimed at identifying and analysing factors behind medium to long-term economic trends shaping the region. Our analysis draws conclusions that help businesses and investors get ahead of the curve. As a firm staffed by Middle Easterners, we focus on insight rather than standard analysis.

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