Sino-MENA: Maritime relations set sail

Regional Views
Djibouti port

While the world shut down last year, the maritime industry was booming. With China constantly seeking to consolidate its investment portfolio, it therefore comes as no surprise that it harbours ambitions to navigate a sector that can even weather pandemic-related storms. What’s more, the maritime industry shows no sign of being marooned. In this week's publication, we examine how:

  • China is expanding its Maritime Silk Route (MSR) in the MENA region through a number of new agreements.
  • While initially focused on North Africa, China is now courting the GCC in order to expand its maritime reach.
  • As construction activities recommence after a pandemic-related pause, MENA countries are now looking for investors, and China is keen to respond. 


Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist

Norah Song, Analyst

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