Libya: The tragedy of endowment

Country Views
Libya protests

Is the Libyan civil war over now that the government has driven General Khalifa Haftar away from Tripoli and the West? Sadly, no. International players are holding tight and Haftar still controls significant - and oil-producing - territory. In our bulletin, we explore:

  • What lies ahead for the country beyond the recent government military successes;
  • Whether the government can ever overcome tribal and ideological differences amongst the militias and get a unified grip over the country;
  • Whither oil exports - fearfully summed up by expectations of a 58% contraction in GDP.


Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist

Charlene Rahall, Senior Analyst

Leila Lajevardi, Analyst

The Country Views series shines the spotlight on specific developments in MENA countries, analysing them from a local perspective to deliver forward looking views for businesses and investors.

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