It’s a scorcher in parts of MENA

Arabia Monitor Monthly

Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist
Robin Mills, Energy Analyst
Charlene Rahall, Mingqiao Zhao, Analysts 

Highlights include:

  • We expect 2018 growth in Saudi Arabia to be closer to the government forecast (2.7%) and possibly higher, versus the IMF’s 1.9%, due to higher oil output in 2H.
  • Legalising cannabis cultivation and exports in Lebanon is expected to face a complex web of competing interests and stiff opposition from Hezbollah, for whom the Bekaa is a base of support and operations.
  • Demonstrations in Morocco’s Rif may continue but we do not expect the protests to gain further strength given they have already weakened since June 2017 and over 60% of its activists have been arrested.
  • President Xi Jinping outlined for the first time China’s approach to collaborating with Arab states and pledged USD 20B in loans and over USD 100M in financial aid.

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