Iran: Time for talks almost up

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As another round of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) negotiations kicks off in Vienna, negotiators seem to have reached breaking point. The latest round of talks looks to be shaping into the final round, with an outcome expected later this month. 

Sanctions relief remains a priority for the administration in Tehran. Yet although robust economic growth is crucial for Iran’s GDP, this may not be enough to prompt hardliners to make the necessary concessions for reaching a resolution. This week, we look at how: 

  • The final round of JCPOA talks began this week in Vienna, with negotiators establishing a self- imposed deadline of mid-February.

  • The coming days will be critical in determining whether a deal can be reached or if talks will fall apart altogether.

  • Economic relief for Iran hinges on a deal being signed; the rial is losing ground, while inflation soars to new heights.


Leila Lajevardi, Lara Harfoush, Analysts

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