Iran: Russian roadblock delays resolution

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As the JCPOA negotiating teams in Vienna press pause after last week’s announcement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a deal could still be within reach in the coming weeks. However, while a resolution to the longstanding nuclear conflict would be an important step forward, a number of factors could jeopardise the long-term success of the deal. We look at how: 

  • The final round of JCPOA talks have been put on pause after Moscow called for a US guarantee that sanctions on Russia would not impede its trade with Iran.

  • Even if negotiations resume and a deal were to be struck next week, it would take several months to lift sanctions, meaning that Iran’s return to international markets would be delayed until May or June at the earliest.

  • Economic relief for Iran hinges on a deal being signed but economic success is not going to materialise overnight.


Leila Lajevardi, Analyst

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