High stakes across MENA

Arabia Monitor Monthly
March Monthly Outlook: High stakes across MENA
  • While Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Mohammad Allawi could get parliamentary approval on his proposed Cabinet, it is unlikely that it will be accepted by protesters, who have been calling for an overhaul of the current political structure since October 2019.
  • As Lebanon meets with the IMF, the economy got a double downgrade from S&P Global and Moody’s as a potential bond default looms.
  • A political stalemate has been averted in Tunisia with the approval of Prime Minister Elyses Fakhfakh’s Cabinet. The country can now turn to urgent reforms.

Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist

Robin Mills, Roa Ibrahim, Energy Analysts

Charlene Rahall, Mingqiao Zhao, Leila Lajevardi, Analysts 

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