Geopolitics at the forefront

Arabia Monitor Monthly
February MENA Monthly

Geopolitical risk is at the forefront of our MENA coverage this week. The recent Houthi attacks against the UAE have rocked the emirates’ confidence as a tourism and hospitality haven. Elsewhere, protests continue to grip Tunisia amid President Kais Saied’s push to consolidate his power. Iraq’s parliament held its first session this month, with the Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr forming some unexpected alliances with Sunni and Kurdish groups. Yet delays to the government’s formation will persist; violence at street level shows no sign of abating. We look at how: 

  • Oil prices hit 15-year highs this month. The outlook remains bullish, which will catalyse regional economic growth.

  • Political risks abound across the MENA region. Protests and fractious politics jeopardise stability in both Iraq and Tunisia.

  • The UAE’s image as a safe destination for foreign investment and tourism was marred by two Houthi strikes this month.

  • Following landmark visits to China by MENA foreign ministers, it is clear that the People’s Republic will maintain its neutral stance in a bid to spark significant diplomatic developments. 


Leila Lajevardi, Mingqiao Zhao, Yasmina Zamel, Sierene Abdelsayed, Analysts 

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