Geopolitics drive oil, again

Arabia Monitor Monthly
Geopolitics drive oil, again - Arabia Monitor

Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist

Robin Mills, Energy Analyst

Charlene Rahall, Mingqiao Zhao, Chafic Mouharam, Analysts  

Highlights include:

  • Spending cuts in Bahrain could slow economic growth and proposals to cut subsidies have faced stiff opposition from some MPs, as well as members of the Al-Wefaq opposition in parliament.
  • Newly imposed US sanctions on Iran are heating things up domestically for President Hassan Rouhani and his ministers. Oil exports are expected to take a hit.
  • The recent suicide bombing in Tunisia should not cause a major dent in tourism this year, but such security concerns coupled with political tensions ahead of next year's elections may slow tourist numbers in the new year.
  • Chinese companies forged closer ties with Saudi Arabia during the “Davos in the Desert” Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh with deals signed worth USD 4B.

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