The GCC: Constructing the future

Country Views
GCC Construction

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the MENA region was set to achieve an array of ambitious construction targets. Despite a pandemic-related lull, the sector is now back with a vengeance. This week, we look at how: 

  • 2021 was a year of rebounding activity throughout the GCC. The recovery of oil prices, increased government spending (around USD 70B as of March 2021) and growth in non-oil sectors dominated headlines.

  • The construction sector contributes significantly to growth throughout the MENA region, particularly within the GCC, a trend which is set to continue.

  • Yet despite the tremendous value of construction projects, scepticism remains regarding their sustainability and direction.

Leila Lajevardi, Lara Harfoush, Yasmina Zamel, Analysts

The Country Views series shines the spotlight on specific developments in MENA countries, analysing them from a local perspective to deliver forward looking views for businesses and investors.

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