Disruption amplifies digital irreversibly

Regional Views
Disruption amplifies digital irreversibly
  • We expect demand for telecom services in MENA to remain above pre-pandemic lockdown levels once the emergency strictures are lifted, creating opportunities for new entrants.

  • Many platforms for work, social discourse and entertainment have gained popularity during the lockdowns. Full development, however, is still being restrained by government rules, despite some relaxing of restrictions.

  • Pressure for further liberalisation will persist, but we expect governments to keep some limitations to protect their majority-owned operators as well as maintain a certain level of internet censorship.

Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist

Charlene Rahall, Senior Analyst

Nancy Bou Dakka & Mehdi Chaoudri, Analysts


The Regional Views series are thematic papers aimed at identifying and analysing factors behind medium to long-term economic trends shaping the region. Our analysis draws conclusions that help businesses and investors get ahead of the curve. As a firm staffed by Middle Easterners, we focus on insight rather than standard analysis.

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