Can China forge intractable peace via the UNSC?

Arabia Monitor Monthly
June monthly

In this MENA monthly, we highlight the shifts in regional geopolitical dynamics, focusing on: 

  • Ongoing negotiations between Iran and the US, which are both keen to sign a resolution before the current administration in Tehran steps down but could see their plans delayed by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei following the one-month extension of Tehran’s agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
  • Saudi Arabia’s improving fiscal position, which shows that the kingdom’s tight fiscal purse strings are starting to yield rewards. 
  • Morocco’s increasingly assertive foreign policy stance following the kingdom’s agreement with the US last year.
  • China’s growing foreign policy role as it prepares to head the UNSC.


Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist

Ghalia Al Bajali, Leila Lajevardi, Bouchra Abaakil, Mingqiao Zhao, Analysts 

Arabia Monitor’s MENA Monthly publication provides a timely snapshot of most notable recent developments in the dynamic MENA region. Our analysts get past the news to deliver the core, forward looking conclusions that markets-oriented readers look for.

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