France 24 Arabic: US mid-term elections, Iran & Saudi Arabia

Arabia Monitor’s Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden on France 24 Arabic discussing US mid-term elections, Iran & Saudi Arabia

Our CEO & Chief Economist, Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden, joins the weekly economic show by France24 Arabic, to discuss the impact of the US mid-term election results on the Iran deal & Saudi Arabia.

On the pressures facing growth in the US, Dr. Eid-Oakden pointed to several factors and stressed more importantly on the trade war. “This will impact its stock markets and revenue of major US companies, and in turn impact the economy.” She is of the view that a deal with China will be favoured on both sides.

On Iran and oil, Dr. Eid-Oakden pointed to the fact that “despite geopolitical risk in the MENA region, the price of oil is still in control. Higher oil output from Saudi Arabia has created a breathing room in the market.” But Dr. Eid-Oakden reiterated that growth in the Chinese economy has not been as strong as was expected for the first three quarters of this year, making oil demand from China lower. This is an important factor to consider.”

Watch the full interview here.