Arabia Monitor opens its first office in China

Arabia Monitor Beijing office

London-based independent research firm Arabia Monitor, opened its first office in Beijing, China. This is the latest addition to Arabia Monitor’s expanding global presence.


As a leading research and strategy think tank specialised in the economies, markets and geopolitics of the Arab World, Arabia Monitor has been supporting Chinese clients since early 2013 before the announcement of China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) and has since strengthened its position as a leading provider of BRI research. Arabia Monitor is the only organisation of its kind specialised in Sino-MENA trade and investment relations.

In 2010, Arabia Monitor established its headquarters in London, followed by the opening of offices in New York (2011), Dubai (2013) and Amman (2015), in response to growing global demand for research strategy insight on the Middle East .

“Never before have Sino-MENA relations been more significant to the world. The arrival of Chinese economic weight to the MENA region is likely to be the most significant tectonic plate shift in the Arab countries, since the discovery of oil. This is bound to impact the rest of the world in more ways than one. We need to understand it,”  said Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden, CEO and Chief Economist of Arabia Monitor.

The Beijing office is located in the China World Office 1, at the heart of Beijing's central business district. "With expanding links and closer ties between China and the MENA region, notably brought out by the Belt and Road Initiative, we believe there will be a growing need of supporting resources like ours in China. The representative office will assist our company in continuing to enhance our client liaison efficiency and quality of service," said Weicong Zhang, from the Beijing office.

To celebrate the opening of this new office, Arabia Monitor has launched an E-store for Chinese readers. “We have handpicked publications that offer strategic advice for new business development in the Arab market based on our knowledge of Chinese enterprises”, said Mingqiao Zhao who oversees Arabia Monitor’s China strategy from HQ.

The E-store accepts debit and credit cards, as well as Wechat Pay and Alipay.


About Arabia Monitor:

Arabia Monitor is an independent research firm specialised in economic and market studies on the Middle East & North African region, which we view as the next emerging market. As the only independent research firm covering all 22 Arabic speaking countries (+ Iran), Arabia Monitor acts as a research and strategy back office for its clients, leveraging its local knowledge, and independence

Arabia Monitor is the first and the only provider of exclusive, membership based access, leads, insight and research on the expanding links between China and the MENA.



Suite 2202

China World Office, 1 Ave. Jianguomenwai, Beijing


Zhang Weicong


Office: 010-65658370

Mobile: 15554387381