Arabia Monitor’s Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden on France 24 Arabic discussing Saudi Arabia & the FII 2018

Saudi Journalist

“The FII is very important. Dubbed Davos in the Desert, It was inaugurated last year to drum up support for Vision 2030 and was very successful. The expectations this year in terms of attracting Western and international investments were high. The Vision 2030 is focused to a large extent on attracting such investments to improve and diversify the economy and create new job opportunities in the Kingdom”.

Asked how the US can pressure Saudi Arabia and whether sanctions are likely, Dr. Eid-Oakden pointed out that this event “comes at a time where tolerance for this sort of thing is at an all-time low”. “And for this reason, countries like Turkey, Russia, China and even the US, are waiting to see the political agreement that will be struck as a result of this incident”.

Watch the interview here.