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Saudi Arabia will host MENA's first G20 Summit

The G20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation. Saudi Arabia will host world leaders, ministers and delegates during it's G20 Presidency in 2020. This is an extraordinary event to support collectively developed policies which aim to address worldwide challenges, improve the global economy, and strengthen Saudi Arabia's international engagement, at a pivotal time of its economic diversification.

Arabia Monitor is offering a series of Saudi Arabia country briefings to international businesses and investors to understand opportunities the region presents, and geopolitical risks, current and emerging. With 80+ years of relevant Saudi Arabia and GCC experience, our team of native analysts benefit from a thorough understanding of complex regional dynamics. 

To enquire about how we deliver private briefings to your organisation and/or your clients in preparation for the upcoming G20, please contact or +442032394518 and we will schedule an introductory call with you.

Arabia Monitor is an independent research firm specialised in economic and market analysis, and strategy advisory on the Middle East and North Africa region, which it views as the new emerging market. Arabia Monitor’s in-depth, locally informed analysis by Arabic speakers has placed it consistently ahead of the curve in identifying new trends within and around the region, and its geopolitics.

Arabia Monitor was created a decade ago to fill a market niche which it continues to occupy on its own, with no direct competition. It combines the best of Western professional standards, rigour and thoroughness, with local knowledge of its subject matter, by hiring extremely highly qualified Arab nationals and others for analysis of the MENA region. Critically, Arabia Monitor is independent. We receive neither funding, nor donations from any governments or special interest groups. This independence is reinforced by Arabia Monitor's location in London, a rich source of highly capable analysts and associates working in a competitive market and a cutting edge regulatory environment.

Arabia Monitor’s dedicated analyst team produces specialist research work on China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative and its implications for businesses in MENA. We also advise Chinese companies and government institutions on the markets and geopolitics of MENA countries. This has given us unique access to Chinese clients in a wide range of sectors operating in the region, or planning to expand in MENA, which feeds back our OBOR research and places us in a privileged position to understand their business interests.

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