China’s Belt and Road Initiative in MENA: Help for hotspots?

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Impact Lebanon

The global pandemic has altered the paradigm in which countries interact, possibly permanently. For Lebanon, this has been compounded by the street action and already existing economic crisis. Leveraging expertise from Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden, CEO and Chief Economist of Arabia Monitor, this webinar will provide insights on the MENA regional outlook, before honing in on how Lebanon can position itself for potential investment from China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 

Dr. Florence is former head of MENA research at JPMorgan, and former professor at the American University of Beirut. Arabia Monitor is an independent research and strategy think tank specialised in economic and market studies on the Middle East & North Africa region, which we view as the new emerging market.

Join us on 17 July at 12 pm BST for our webinar with Impact Lebanon -- an initiatives hub aimed at promoting active citizenship through a collaboration between the diaspora and local entities to deliver impact through incremental change in Lebanon.

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