Assessing the impact of Covid-19 and low oil prices on the MENA region

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On Tuesday May 19 at 10am BST, Arabia Monitor in partnership with Global Trade Review, will host a special webinar on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the oil price crash in the Middle East and North Africa region.

As Covid-19 has continued to spread worldwide, the MENA region has been equally impacted in varying ways, from economic disruption to “lower for longer” oil prices and a sharp fall in global growth. These developments are placing strain on both oil and non-oil revenues across a range of sectors, from tourism to real estate to trade. How is the region navigating the turbulence, and how will it come out of it?

This complimentary webinar will seek to address the key issues impacting trade policy-making throughout the region, from the long-term consequences of an energy crisis to the impact of lockdowns and travel restrictions on a dynamic trade hub. We will also comment on the geopolitical fallout.  

Join us on May 19 at 10am BST time for a briefing and Q&A session.