2018 AmCham MENA Council Annual Conference & Exhibition “Commercialization of Innovation: A Driver for Growth in the MENA Region”

Grand Hyatt Amman

GCC Healthcare

Our CEO & Chief Economist, Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden is participating in the session titled “Reshaping the Business of Financial Services” at 10:30am on 28th October. This session details the ability of companies specifically SMEs to meet their financial needs for growth by looking at the rise of Islamic banking financing, the development of alternative financing means including the rise of FinTech, Mobile Wallet and crypto currency. This session will also highlight the high-impact of innovative financial inclusion channels and platforms that can advance financial inclusion, also the importance of cyber security in protecting financial assets of corporations, personal data, and mitigating the risks of using new methods.

The AmCham MENA Regional Council, is a platform for cooperation among the various American Chambers of Commerce from the eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region (Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia). AmCham MENA Council was established in 2005 to foster and enhance collaboration and cooperation amongst the MENA AmChams and promoting greater business opportunities between the United States and the Region.

With a focus on innovation in the MENA Region, the Conference will provide an opportunity for businesses to share experiences and develop strategies that will build modern and sustainable economies, and will shed light on regional and global case studies of how innovation can boost economic activity and drive growth. Participants will hear from global leaders, experts, and practitioners on latest developments in Energy, Healthcare, Information Communication & Technology, Education and Finance, as well as measures needed to create innovation-powered enterprises.  

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