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Arabia Monitor was created a decade ago to fill a market niche which it continues to occupy on its own, with no direct competition. It combines the best of Western professional standards, rigour and thoroughness, with local knowledge of its subject matter, by hiring extremely highly qualified Arab nationals and others for analysis of the MENA region. Critically, Arabia Monitor is independent. We receive neither funding, nor donations from any governments or special interest groups. This independence is reinforced by Arabia Monitor's location in London, a rich source of highly capable analysts and associates working in a competitive market and a cutting edge regulatory environment.

Arabia Monitor’s dedicated analyst team produces specialist research work on China’s Belt and Road initiative and its implications for businesses in MENA. We also advise Chinese companies and government institutions on the markets and geopolitics of MENA countries. This has given us unique access to Chinese clients in a wide range of sectors operating in the region, or planning to expand in MENA, which feeds back our BRI research and places us in a privileged position to understand their business interests.

We offer a unique research package that provides an exclusive and comprehensive learning opportunity for our corporate and institutional clients to understand the full picture of BRI unfolding in MENA. 
To purchase our BRI back issue bundle or subscribe to our latest research , please contact Ms Mingqiao Zhao, Head of China-MENA Research at or call us on +44 20 323 94518. You can view the brochure here for more information.