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Arabia Monitor

Arabia Monitor is an independent research firm specialising in economic and market studies on the Middle East & North African region, which we view as the new emerging market. With few other regions offering the opportunities currently available in MENA, a detailed understanding of the underlying drivers would be crucial to any business strategy. Our forward looking perspective allows us to place recent developments in the region within a broader context and a long-term view. As the only independent research firm covering all 22 Arabic speaking countries (+ Iran), Arabia Monitor acts as a research and strategy back office for its clients.





As countries become more complex and interconnected, obtaining the right research is paramount to continued success. In an era of contrasts with increased volatility but deeper digital integration, public policy decisions require nuanced understandings of attributes unique to the field. As a leading market research firm covering 22 Arabic speaking countries and Iran, Arabia Monitor has a competitive edge with a team with decades of first-hand experience in the region. In addition to a team of native analysts, Arabia Monitor consistently works with high profile figures in government and the public sector to provide the most up to date, relevant analysis for our clients. 



Home to 80% of the world's oil and gas reserves, the oil and gas industry has traditionally dominated the MENA region. However, as countries once reliant on the export of oil for survival work to diversify their economies, the industry can no longer rely on the traditional understanding of oil's role in the region. The energy industry is inherently geopolitical and impacted by macroeconomic developments at a higher rate than other industries, requiring a detailed understanding of late-breaking developments that have the ability to drastically alter the industry in a few minutes. Attention must be paid to how government initiatives, market trends, and emerging industries are redefining the Middle East. Arabia Monitor is poised to provide the most relevant, late breaking, and valuable analysis of the MENA region for the oil and gas industry. 



Regardless of how much financial planning is implemented at each level of policy making, market volatility can strike without warning, deeply impacting a country's economy and the businesses and investors who hold interests there. During a period of economic transition in the MENA region, the best returns on investment are based on understanding the impacts of economic ebbs and flows and how geopolitical and macroeconomic developments affect investment. The recent downturn in oil prices on top of a global economic contraction have undoubtedly impacted investments throughout the region. However, armed with the right research and an experienced analyst team providing in-depth, often first-hand analysis, events beyond our clients control are able to be dealt with. We follow banking developments ranging from policy changes and the impact of bodies like the IMF, in addition to tracking the flow of global markets. 



Tech is the next frontier of investment in many regions around the world and especially in the MENA region. With governments embarking on ambitious projects to modernise existing technology sectors while future proofing the region to accommodate the important role of technology in business and politics, tech and telecommunication firms must be aware of government initiatives and financial trends that are constantly evolving. Arabia Monitor works to incorporate tech coverage that spans from investment in small and medium-sized enterprises to tackling pressing political topics such as the involvement of Huawei in constructing 5G networks around the region. 

Arabia Monitor has a unique edge over our competitors as we work to provide analysis on the workings of the telecoms industry through a perspective that is based on a keen awareness of the politicised nature of how the industry operates in the MENA region. With regional players vying for lucrative contracts to construct the region's future telecom networks, we are here to provide insight that goes beyond a traditional understanding of the region. 



The 21st century has revolutionised the way in which consumers shop. With advancements in e-commerce providing the opportunity for new services, the consumer space is rapidly changing. Understanding how these developments are impacted by public policy decisions and economic trends can provide a competitive understanding to investors and consumers alike. Especially during periods of increased volatility, being able to adapt retail strategy to reflect challenges. from outside of the retail space provides opportunities for growth during periods of economic contraction. With a team that intrinsically understands the MENA market, Arabia Monitor provides analysis that goes beyond the confines of one industry, and instead synthesises geopolitical and macroeconomic analysis of a region that is at the forefront of the retail revolution.



Adopting a broader perspective allows our analysts to draw out implications for the region from unfolding global trends. Arabia Monitor’s expertise lies within its human capital. With 80+ years of relevant MENA experience, our team of native analysts benefit from a thorough understanding of complex regional dynamics. Offices in London, New York and Beijing infuse an international perspective into Arabia Monitor’s research.



Arabia Monitor’s in-depth, locally informed analysis by Arabic speakers has placed it consistently ahead of the curve in identifying new trends within and around the region. Our native understanding of local nuances (including access to local press and media sources in Arabic, French, Chinese and Persian) ensures our analysis is comprehensive. By cutting through the noise, Arabia Monitor insights look past the headlines to deliver fundamental assessments on key risks, current and emerging.




Arabia Monitor’s senior staff members have periodic, off the record, private one-on-one conversations with high-level officials in order to keep their fingers on the pulse and offer forward looking insights. These have included in the past representatives of sovereign wealth funds and hydrocarbon companies from the GCC, as well as regional leaders including central bank governors, ministers and executives. This is also implemented in some of our monthly conference calls with the presence of special guests sharing unique views on the region.



Arabia Monitor’s corporate subscription offers your team access to insights on MENA, keeping them ahead of the curve in identifying the moving trends within the MENA markets. Our unique perspective on the region allows us to identify emerging opportunities and place risks within a broader context to deliver conclusions relevant to businesses and strategy planning. Corporate subscribers have access to Arabia Monitor’s Arabic/French/Persian and Chinese speaking analysts through monthly conference calls and off-the-record conversations.