November monthly

Pandemic wounds healing, but scars?

While countries in our region are cautiously easing lockdown measures, the pandemic is registering a second wave. In its latest economic outlook, the IMF now forecasts that GDP in the region will fall by 4.1% this year, a 1.3% improvement on its...

US-MENA: Biden cannot delay decline and disengagement

With the US presidential election less than two weeks away, we analyse the implications of the results on US foreign policy towards MENA. Even if he is defeated, Donald Trump’s policies will remain in force during the ‘lame duck’ window before a new...
Sino-MENA: A new investment era

Sino-MENA: A new investment era

We examine how new Sino-MENA investments have been unfolding during the pandemic, including the acceleration of healthcare and e-commerce related developments and strengthened diplomatic ties with the emergence of COVID-19.